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Training and Improving Your Dog's Recall

Updated: Mar 17

Hands up, how many of us run and hide at the mention of our dog's recall training?

It’s always seems like a tough skill to teach! Sure our dog may listen when there’s no distractions, but the moment that dog or squirrel walks by...whoosh!

So how do we crack the code? Well first of all we need to know what recall actually is!

Dog that is running with no lead on

Giving up!

Most of us think recall is about asking our dog to come back to us when we call – what we forget, is that it’s actually about asking our dog to give up what they are interacting with and come to us. That means, giving up all the fun of chasing a squirrel or dog and making their way over to our direction. We’re often waiting with a treat in hand or waiting to say “good girl/boy” or, sometimes, with a cross look on our face!

It doesn’t quite match the thrill of the chase and game, does it?

So, how do we get our dogs wanting to come flying over to us in eager anticipation when we call them?

We become the very thing they love, fun!


Using games to train your dog is one of the quickest ways to make yourself more interesting! Think about how your dog plays and try to replicate this – chasing is

always a winner!

A pair of tug toys


Does your dog have a favourite toy? Why not use this as a reward for coming when called! Have a fun game of tug or get your dog chasing a squeaky toy as a reward. I'm a big fan of using a chaser toy from Tug-E-Nuff as a reward! Use POSITIVEDOGPOWER at checkout for 10% off.


Are your treats valuable enough? Try using something like cheese, ham or chicken as a tasty high value reward for coming back.


Make yourself exciting! Use an upbeat, happy voice. Shuffle or run in the opposite direction. Wave your arms. Look interesting and exciting and your dog will want to come running!

Things to remember:

· Never punish your dog when they come to you – we want our dogs to always enjoy coming back. Ignore how many times you had to call your dog and focus on rewarding them for coming to you, no matter how long it took!

· If your dog is running off often, this is the perfect time to invest in a longline. They are there to prevent your dog from getting to a reward (anything they are running to) for ignoring you!

· Start easy! The more practice you put into recall in your garden or an enclosed field, the more likely your dog will respond when you really need them too!

Watch our Rapid Reliable Recall playlist series for a step by step guide!

If you would like help with your dogs recall, get in touch today to find out how we can help!


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