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The Positive Dog Power Team

We recognised that there was a need for providing force free partnership based training and education in more accessible ways - that's where we come in! We wanted to ensure that owners could access information easily and anywhere in the world, ensuring our force free message reaches as many owners and animals as possible. Although we still offer 121 dog training services in Cheltenham and surrounding areas, we also wanted to provide education through  dog and puppy training e-books, online dog training videos and free information articles on dog, puppy and rescue dog training and behaviour issues. Our mission is to move forward with training and behaviour education, teaching owners and their dogs that training doesn't have to be all commands and force - that you can get better results through connection and trust.​


We have over 20 years of experience, but it doesn't stop there - we constantly update our knowledge via webinars, seminars and training courses - continued professional development is very important to us. You can rest assured that we our improving ourselves to help you and your dog thrive!

Our mission is to teach owners that you can achieve harmony through empowering your dog, not by forcing them.

Pug walking on loose lead

The Team

Passionate and Experienced

Dannyelle founder of Positive Dog Power and dog trainer Cheltenham
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