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Solo Training Dog Walks
Walks Designed With Training in Mind 

A unique dog walking service in Cheltenham that offers 'real life' training!
Having difficulty finding the time to train your dog, or are you finding training your dog stressful? Worry no more! We offer dog training walks that are personalised to you and your dogs needs in Cheltenham and surrounding areas. Our dog walker will collect your dog and take them to the most ideal place for their training in order for them to flourish. Our experienced dog walker and trainer will only walk one dog at a time so that the focus is entirely on your dog!
We can do that initial puppy training or work with your reactive dog with our dog walking and training service.

Dog walking on a beach

Does This Sound Familiar?

Do you feel embarrassed when your dog suddenly starts barking at people and dogs outside?

Do you worry your puppy is always going to be pulling on lead, even when they aren't so tiny?

Is your rescue dog leaving you frazzled when they run over to every dog they see, oblivious to recall?

Imagine If You Could...

Have a walk without fear - a walk that both you and your dog enjoy!

Teach your puppy those important life skills and more - did we mention we do puppy socialisation too?!

Have your rescue dog recalling away from dogs like a pro!

How Can Our Qualified Dog Walker Help?

Reactivity towards dogs/people/traffic etc

Fear on walks

Lead pulling


Prey Drive

Lead biting

Assistance with time alone training

Puppy Socialisation

Decompression walks

Emergency Stop

Improving life skills outside e.g. leave, wait etc

And so much more!

Image by Jamie Street

Why Choose Our Solo Training Walks


Walks Tailored to Your Dog's Needs

Our walks are like custom-made adventures for your dog! We’ll whisk them away to the perfect location, setting them up for success during training sessions. Plus, we walk your dog solo, giving them our undivided attention and training time!


Trusted and Knowledgeable Dog Walker

This isn't any old dog walker in Cheltenham, this is a professional level dog trainer! At Positive Dog Power, we’re professional trainers, fluent in doggy language. Your dog talks, we listen, and together, we thrive! You can rest assured that your dog is in the best hands to make that walk enjoyable!


Frequent Updates and Support

Curious about your how your dog's walk went? Wondering if they have smashed their training progress? We’ve got you! We send regular updates via text, email, or phone. Your peace of mind matters to us!

We are on hand to answer any questions or queries about the training so that you can practice at home too!


Flexible Working Hours

Whether you work 9 - 5 or all weekend, you're in luck! We are can be flexible with our working hours so that you can get those regular sessions in. We're not your typical Mon-Fri working hours, we are here for those weekend training adventures too!

Im so pleased with how my frenchies are developing, their confidence is improved, they love to see Dannyelle at the door and are so excited to go on their walk training. You can tell Dannyelle really loves and cares for dogs, she also understands them and enhances their engagement through positive reinforcement.

Rachel, Cheltenham


  • £20 - 30 min Solo Training Dog Walk

  • £30 - 45 min Solo Training Dog Walk


All prices are based on locations within 4 miles of GL52 5GR. Please note that sessions further than this will be charged an additional travel fee.

Please note, there is limited availability for walks that are outside of Cheltenham.


Are you ready to...

Let us take the wheel in your dog training journey!

Take the stress our of dog training and let us help you out!

Can you afford not to?

Get in touch today!

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